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Originally Posted by Ron5442 View Post
I seems to me that we are faced with the “problem” that English is a living and growing language. Clamor was once a kind of sword, now it’s expanded to include kind of explosive. Corvette was once a kind of military ship, now it’s expanded to include a kind of car. Mercedes was once a proper name for a girl, now it’s also expanded to include a kind of car, green was once just a color, now it’s expanded to include a movement and a life style. Barbeque may very well once have been just about pork (I don’t know, I wasn’t there); but, it seems to me that it has expanded beyond that.
One look at Spanish as a language and we know that languages evolve, and the BIGGEST influence of how it is used and adapted and morphed is the impact of the people that use it have on it.

English on the other hand is a non-romance language that wants desperately to be one.
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