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Finally on sweet sauces. Like I said, I did an internship for the Upper Cumberland Institute and I collected recipes that dated from the late 1700 from that region alone. Sweet syrupy sauces, especially as you go south from Tennessee and into Mississippi predate the Civil war. I am sorry that these letters to daughters from mothers and recipes in Church Bibles have not made it to anyone's computer screen. So, I am sorry, just because marketing developed after the war does not mean that sauce didn't predate it.

And in celebration of exactly where sauces got notably sweeter as they went west... its time for my beale street red and wet sauce

Now to your list of FACTS

"Here are the facts:

Barbecue has always referred to a style of cooking over fire.
Yes, but no temperature between 200 and 350 has been settle on. Different meats needs different Temps.

It has only been in the last 50 or 60 years that people began referring to anything besides pork as BBQ.

Wrong - Please visit the Archives of Appalachian State or North Carolina of Chapel Hill and ask for whoever heads their documents of social history and peruse through them. That is if you continue to negate the native recipes of my region, just use your own. Not to mention... Kreuz 69 years, and the pit bosses of the trail riders from Texas to Kansas City, 1860's, or the regions of the low country in Louisiana, which I know have BBQd some rather nasty stuff.

Light red sauce has only been around for about 100 years, since ketchup became readily available.

Red sauce recipes in the Western North Carolina areas and Tennessee across the Plateau have used tomato pastes and simple tomato sauces added since Antebellum times. You would also discount the role of the African American Slave's contribution to BBQ in claiming this. Even evidence online can be found to prove this is not the case.

Thick sweet red sauce has only been around for about 50 or 60 years.
This is wrong again...even if you use your model of CANNED EVIDENCE ONLY it would date to about 1926 or so when the first sauce was available for retail.

Funnier still... you would be negating Columbus's own sauces brought to this country if you prescribe to this logic... There is a meat sauce you slather on while you slow roast meat that the spanish used for centuries and it has a thick sweet red base... the name escapes me.

It has traditionally been understood that when someone says "I'm going to have a plate of BBQ" that they were referring to pulled pork.

It is traditionally understood that when a woman say she wants you to "knock her up" it means to call her on the phone.... well at least in that region.

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