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Let see... let me show you what I would argue if I were in your position.

Texas Barbecue is should not be considered the first original AMERICAN barbecue as it was mostly influenced from the region of Mexico; establishing patterns that continue today. The Border crossed into Mexico after the Texas Mexican Conflict and thus after a brief Republic the region was then American.

The Germans and Czech that entered through Galveston impacted a new OVEN style of BBQ ing but still post date Colombian Introduction of mostly pigs in the Carolinas.

Therefore, Pork is the Original American bbq by some 300 Years, while Texan BBQ traditions are mostly considered borrowed from the Native Caribbean Indian styles that Migrated upward from the south.

However, the caveat to this would be, should you expand the scope of the geology to include South American and also not IGNORE the Native Indian contribution as many anglophiles have for years, one would see that BBQ styles were here long before any colonization. In essence, you can prove what is original merely by moving the borders or narrowing the scope.

This is how you argue - not - "I am sorry but if you can't deal with being wrong then maybe this forum should be called the old ladies club."

In addition to being a master of many styles of BBQ, I am also well credentialed, a regional linguist (that knows what syntax is), I have two degrees one in History and the other in Political Science, and a successful BBQ business man and published writer. And there are many on this forum that are as knowledgeable and and even exceed my expertise here. So tread lightly my supercilious fellow... you are in Rome.
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