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Hmmmm. I think his point is that since the Spaniards introduced domesticated Pigs to the Americas in the 1500s that this is the original BBQ and everything else is not.

And that we are wrong Grammatically (Syntactically). This theory comes from READING too much of what has been opined about BBQ.

Sadly... there is a truth to your own information that disproves your theory that BBQ is solely Pork. That is mainly, that the Spaniards also brought cattle, goats, Chickens, sheep and APPLIED the existing Caribbean techniques and Moles and sauces from the pre-Colombian Indians of the regions. So.... well, then I guess then by your own "syntax" then, pig is out with all the rest because the Tainos (I think I have it spelled right) predate Colombian colonization and basically cooked WILD GAME over fires and pits and leaf Envelopes. Forgive me if I am wrong on the spelling as I haven't had the 16 hours of Colonial History in 13 years.

I hope you can see why I used the word SYNTAX there.

Barbacoa was made with cow cheeks BEEF, and goat (Cabrito) in differing regions. It's basically what they had or what was regionally available. So therein is why most people who are in the know... and I will WARN you that you are surrounded by these people here in this forum you will find and they are Captains of their fields... this is why we Commonly accept that BBQ IS NOT A TYPE OF MEAT BUT A GENERAL PROCESS.

Had you poked around a but (Actually I will not correct that word) or BUTT, you will see we peacefully just discussed the term Low and slow and why its called that and generally where those points are differentiated from hot and fast.

I told a story once of leaving Texas and going into Tennessee and the Carolinas and refusing to eat pork BBQ for the same reason you say Beef is not BBQ. Ignorance and inflexibility. I can say that about myself so please don't get all half-cocked and pissy 'cuz I directed it at you.

I eventually MASTERED 14 styles of BBQ. Mastered. That means first I had to humble myself enough to listen to some other style... not meat... style.

Your input can be appreciated but honestly we have all read whats on the internet these days and don't need a greenhorn coming in a regurgitating Wikipedia or some other online dictionary to us.

I look forward to your less abrasive debates and arguments, as long as they are cogent, in the future. Come on... I know you can do it
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