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I am not discounting or calling into question anyone's knowledge! Just saying the usage of the term is misplaced. The first BBQ was shared by the Spaniards under Ponce de Leon and the natives of the South Carolina coast. This is where we get the style.

Sure people have been cooking meat over fire since time immemorial. BUT we are talking about American BBQ. I am sure that goat or a close cousin would have been one of the earlier forms of meat consumed. That is not what we are talking about though.

Apparantly someone knows.

verb (barbecues, barbecued, barbecuing) cook (food) on a barbecue.
— ORIGIN originally in the sense wooden framework for sleeping on, or for drying meat or fish on: from Spanish barbacoa, perhaps from Arawak, ‘wooden frame on posts’.

From the Oxford English Dictionary, sorry you were wrong.
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