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Well I could call my SUV a truck but that would not change the fact that it wasn't a truck. I could call my toilet a dutch oven, but it would still be a toilet. I could stand in the rain and say "It aint raining" but I'd still get wet.

It doesn't matter if one is in the eastern USA or eastern Mongolia. If it aint pork it aint BBQ, it is BBQed _____________ insert anything other than pork here. One would say, "Let's BBQ some brisket." and they would be using the term correctly. When the cook was done, one would say "Let's eat some BBQed beef." and they would be again correctly using the term. If they say, "Let's eat this BBQ." They would not.

It's like most people say they are going to fry something when they actually will be sauteing instead. The terms have been misused so much that most people think they are interchangeable. One person starts misusing a term and pretty soon we have words like shizzle entering our lexicon.
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