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Originally Posted by Rich Parker View Post

You are one crazy farker and have SOME interesting posts, so I will listen.

This came from a time I did a catering job... now when they say there's another 50 people coming can you do more you can always say NO.. but that don't pay, so I said yes and had a guy run to sams and buy all sorts fo frozen ****....

along with the Mc Ribs, we tossed in and smoked bagel pizzas, hot pockets, twice baked potatoes (we heated those with the smoker them cut in half and deep fried them,) bolongna (also smoked and deep fried), lasagne, turnovers, fruits..., threw away some **** that was awful but we expanded our menu within a couple of hours... added some garnish (I know) and people thought it was wild. The Mc Rib thing was a fav of the kids and kept them from grabbing a rib and eating 2 bites and wasting it.

OH... the WHITE Castles were awesome too... smoker was set at 325 as I was crisping up chicken skin if I recall
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