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Originally Posted by Dr_KY View Post
Get legal and stay legal!!!

The people you will be hurting is not only yourself , imagine if someone decides to sue you claiming your food made them sick then where would you be?

Running a 'cowboy' operation will only tarnish the rest of us that get legal and try and earn a living.
The economy isn't good for millions of us but that's the way things are at the moment. Believe me I have had to sell my car and several other things just so I could get insurance and take the required FSA (food safety) classes.

If you are going to do it your way then I wouldn't go bragging about it on a public forum.
Good advice. If the health dept came by you'd be in a world of trouble and then trying to get legal would be a real pain. Or someone from the city could say where's you're license to sell in this city.county or whatever. Or a State person might say are you submitting sales tax. All can lead to criminal charges and legal bills.

Now here in MI you can be a personal chef without the health dept. Still may need city/county licenses and sales tax. But it's a lot easier. Or just shut up and on your own talk to people about cooking for them. Doing parties is a lot easier than selling meals ot the public.

But you could give away samples during the garage sale so long as you take the liability of somebody saying they got sick. Insurance is reasonably cheap. Try Auto Owners. If you cater you'll want it for sure.
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