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Originally Posted by MrJP1957 View Post
I don't cook professionally, and I'm not trying to restart any drama, but to me, doctoring beans from a can makes about as much sense as doctoring a double cheeseburger from McDonalds.

But if I were cooking for a living, I would have to consider the cost and effiency, so who knows. But when it's for me and friends, it's quality.
Wow. Didn't see this thread before. I use bushes with black beans, peaches, raisins, pulled pork, bacon onions and seasonings like mustard, etc. Is it worth it. Yup. I can sell out of beans and when catering I always hear about how good the beans are. Not much work and low cost and a big plus for business. Of course YMMV depending on the quality of the beans. Serve a can of beans and they may not come back.
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