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Originally Posted by timmy7649 View Post
thanks for the info. that is what i thought too. i just dont know if the hd will like the cooler idea. i use it all the time for personal use. thanks again.
My understanding with my health department was that they check the temp of the food. They don't want anything to be between 35f and 140f because that is the "danger zone" for bacteria. I have kept food warm on the uds before but I totally take out the fire basket. The temp stays high enough for a couple hours after the heat is gone as long as you aren't opening the lid all the time. I also picked up some chafers. I found a great deal on some for around $35. I ordered 3 since that is what I was figuring to spend on 1. I don't want to violate any rules so PM me if you would like the link.
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