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Originally Posted by Wyley View Post
Rich, I am actually going to try to make a charcoal basket out of the 18" Weber bottom, I figure if I cut it off just below where the charcoal grate sits in it I will have a slightly sloped ring about 8" deep by 18" wide. After I cut it off I'll drill probably 50-60 3/4 holes around it for airflow. My biggest concern is that it will be too wide for adequate airflow to the center of it, but the only thing it will cost me is time since I wasn't going to have a use for an 18" bottom for anything else. I still need to figure out exactly how I'm going to raise it above the ash pan but the charcoal grate will only be a couple of inches off of the bottom of the UDS.
I was thinking of doing the same thing, but use the bottom of a Smokey Joe.
I'm going to attach a 15 or 16 inch rimmed disc to the legs to act as an ash tray.
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