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Originally Posted by ZILLA View Post
I don't think so, as food cooks a thin layer of air and moister surrounds the food itself. It takes time for this layer to disapate. A full pit would increase that time.
time? in foil your brasing the meat 100% humidity. even if you have a microcliamte around the meat, some boundry layer effect it wouldn't be 100% humidity and your not brazing the meat. if it's a microcliamte that developes around what's being cooked, why would the amount being cooked make a diffrence. no matter how many butts/briskets you have in the cooker, there has to be sufficent airflow thru the cooker to keep the fire burning so there's always airflow accross the meat. i also don't think (even if the microclimate idea is correct) that meat sealed in foil is undergoing the same cooking process as unwraped meat in a full cooker.
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