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Originally Posted by Muzzlebrake View Post
wouldn't a full water pan more accurately replicate the humidity produced by a fuller pit?
isn't that the purpose of the foil, to replicate the humidity of a full pit?
I don't think so, as food cooks a thin layer of air and moister surrounds the food itself. It takes time for this layer to disapate. A full pit would increase that time. I can't see how air borne water vapor in a smoker can replicate that. This is why convection ovens are used in commercial applications. The forced air blows that vapor air barier away from the surface of the food to speed up cooking times and at lower temperatures and also providing very even temps through out the oven. I have never heard any science of how artifically introduced water vapor really behaves in the smoker. All I've ever heard this subject is conjecture and how people imagine it works.
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