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Originally Posted by BBQ_MAFIA View Post
I always run my Large Spicewine with a full water pan and the meat always turns out moist.

SKIP-- What differances did you notice?
Full cooking racks and large cooks always seem to crush the cooking box temp. This in turn causes my guru to stoke the fire. Unfortunately either the dense moist air holds down the heat and never reaches the probe or the moisture causes the probe to read incorrectly. This forces the fan to work harder and harder which causes my firebox temp to scream out of control. By the time the cooking box recovers the firebox is so hgih i.e. 350-400 that the cooking box screams past the desired temp and right up and out. It has happen and now we take precautions but we still haven't found a way to actively raise the cooking box without spiking the firebox.

Adversely small cooks tend to maintain temp wonderfully yet extraordinary means are required to keep the meat as moist as we'd want.

Any input would be welcomed Guido.
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