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Originally Posted by bacardi2001 View Post
ok so the recipe, how much do you put on and how long before cooking do you put it on? also would you use the TQ, rinse it off then use your mixture? and is that your rub? nothing else added?
Yeah, that's all I use on brisket. When I started paying attention on how to cook brisket, salt and pepper were the main seasoning my grandpa used, and there very well may have been other adders (but that was over 35 years ago....) I do know that the other rule was never use sugar. That was drilled in from day one.

If you use TQ, it's only a quick application. Many cooks go less than 10 minutes. Then rinse it all off, rest about an hour in the fridge, and then season and cook just like you normally would do.

Originally Posted by ZILLA View Post
I don't recall the pepper being a course grind at either Smitty's or Kreuz. When we spoke with John Fullilove at Smitty's he indicated only Salt, Pepper, and Cayenne.
Did you have the clod? The pepper was always noticeable from what I recall. I'll take your word for it because you have me at a disadvantage.... I have only eaten at the original Kreuz Market before the name change to Smitty's. I moved from Texas in 1970 or 1971. The next time I went back was in the mid '90's, but that was before the break up too. I have some of the rub from Smitty's that thillin sent, I'll check it out.

Originally Posted by Cigarbque View Post
This is all very cool. Thanks for sharing. I did a 14lb packer this past weekend with a heavy dose of Donnie's Dalmatian rub using kosher salt. I found it a bit too much to use at a comp but my kids thought is was great. Next time I will lighten up on it just a bit. I know no pictures.

I can tell you from experience do not try what Wayne did using pink salt. Did it once and the very corned beef smoke ring was more than half way through. Looked awful.

This is all very informative so again thanks.
You are right, pink salt contains 6% nitrates, and TQ only contains 1% nitrates. PInk salt might work if you let it work for 3 or 4 minutes.

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