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Default Adam Perry Lang's theory on wrapping

Was reading through Adam Perry Lang's "Serious Barbeque" book. I've always thought this guy was a little too fancy shmancy for me, but he does know a lot about BBQ. Anyway, this is what he says about wrapping meat:

"Look, if you pack your smoker with meat, you get this beautiful humidity inside the cooker that will lead to insanely tender ribs, pork shoulder and brisket. What what if you're just cooking a few racks of ribs? Or a single pork shoulder in a largely unfilled smoker? Sorry purists - this means you need to wrap your meat in foil. I find that wrapping creates a sort of micro-climate inside the foil that approximates the environment of a full smoker".

You know, this makes a little sense to me. If you pack some huge smoker full of 20-30 briskets, it's going to produce a hell of a lot of humidity inside the chamber. But if you're just doing a single brisky or shoulder, you aren't going to get nearly the amount of total moisture coming out of the meat. His theory is that you are just recreating the environment of a fully packed smoker by foiling. Thoughts?

Edit: I should also add that I have a newfound respect for him after reading through this book. Yes, he does use a LOT of ingredients, but he knows his chit.
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