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Thanks for the info,

Don't mean to ask dumb questions....Just what I need to do sometimes.
By kansas do you mean kcbs? And I tried to find websites but had no luck....I will try your suggestions and try to dig a little deeper to see what I can find....Thanks again man...


Originally Posted by Smokin Mike View Post
I don't believe that was the answer he was looking for, and quit it please.

this is what I did, I went to godaddy, or who ever you want to use, to see if my name(s) isn't already taken, then I went to kansas, and federal gov. sites and see if a company doesn't have that name.

then I just got my (forgot what it's called) fed income thingy, LLC in my state, and parked my website name, all under 100 bucks.

EDIT: I also use KCBS (or whatever assocation in you neck of woods) to kinda keep my name. I think anyone can call themselfs anything they want, its just respect, don't use another member name.

PM me if you like, with any other questions.

I hope that helps.
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