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Originally Posted by thirdeye View Post

I'm using salt, pepper and cayenne. I have a feeling this is going to come down to a personal taste thing, and the finished "look" is going to be a good indicator. So, since I'm working from home today, I just went in and mixed a fresh batch. But let me start at the beginning and get back to the recipe I like the best. Like I mentioned, in the rub I'm using....the grind of the salt and cayenne is fine and the pepper is coarse, which leads to some settling issues if it's not in a big container which allows shaking before each use. Even when pouring it from the jar, it's hard to keep the mixture right so I take tablespoon sized scoops out and sprinkle them one at a time to insure the correct ratio of salt and pepper. (This is much easier than it sounds)

The various recipes I have in my notes are below. Donny indicated the ratios in #1. The others came from a newspaper article, a cook book, and a TV cooking host that had been to Kreuz Market. (When I used to sprinkle salt and pepper on by hand on by hand I would guess the salt to pepper ratio to be 2:1).

1 cup salt
1/2 cup pepper
1 Cup fine salt
1/2 Cup coarse pepper
3/4 C salt
1/4 C black pepper
2-3 T Cayenne
3/4 cup salt
1/4 cup cracked black peppercorns
2 to 3 tablespoons cayenne pepper

From the looks of the salt/pepper ratio - #3, and #4 looked like the rub I got from Kreuz and Smittys. The salt was off-white indicating the cayenne, and you could taste it too. (During the time I was using them, I did wind up adding some additional black pepper to them).

When I made my first batch from a recipe, I went heavier on the pepper like the ratio in #2, but I found that the cayenne called for was more than the Smitty's or Kreuz rub had. It was too over powering. I also found that in addition to coarse pepper, a little regular grind black pepper helped keep everything a little more balanced.

Now the recipe I use is:

1-1/2 Cup canning salt
1/3 Cup coarse black pepper
1 Tablespoon regular grind black pepper
2 Tablespoons Cayenne

Here is a shot right before mixing, and a shot of it all mixed up.

ok so the recipe, how much do you put on and how long before cooking do you put it on? also would you use the TQ, rinse it off then use your mixture? and is that your rub? nothing else added?
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