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Default Thirdeye's Smoke Ring Experiment

Thought I'd give it a try. A little bitty 2 lb flat that the Wife brought home.
Sprinkled it with Tender Quick, few drops of water to make paste and let it set for 30 minutes.

Then I gave it a good rinsing and back in the frig for a hour.
Nothing but a salt, pepper and cayenne rub.

Fired up the WSM using cold water in the pan and only 7 lit coals to keep the temps down as long as possible.
I was able to keep the internal temp below 140 for almost 2 hours.
I decided to go low and slow instead of fast and hot. After 3 hours I just had to look.
At this point the internal temp was 158 and didn't move for 4 hours. In fact it dropped to 154 before it begin to rise again.

I have always cooked whole packers so I didn't think this little fellow would take too long.
Never did I expect it to take almost 10 hours. That is 5 hours a pound.
After 1 hour resting in foil you see it is is no bigger than a large steak at this point but has a great bark and smells wonderful.

Now how is that for a smoke ring? A few slices of this is going to work tomorrow for bragging rights.

Good smoke taste, very good texture but a little dry. I expected that with the amount of time on the smoker and can be easily fixed.
Great post thirdeye! I didn't expect this one to take so long but is was a great experiment.
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