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I am new to this forum, and new to BBQ...

I'm from NJ, but had been down in NC the last 2 years and fell in love with BBQ while down there; however, I am back in NJ and have been going into BBQ withdrawal since leaving NC. So I decided after getting back to NJ I'd try my hand at BBQ-ing, and started investigating smokers. From my research I discovered how most of the mass produced smokers are either expensive or don't produce as good of a product as the expensive smokers, so having a good bit of ingenuity and free time I decided that I would build an UDS. With that being said, I was hoping some people could give me some input on my build to date and plans for my drum:

I was able to pick up an new 55 gallon drum (paid $40 because it was returned to the container company because it was scratched up), it was unlined, but it did have an anti-corrosion coating that I took a grinder to and stripped the inside of the drum down to the bare metal. Next I plan on drilling 3-3/4" holes along the bottom that I will regulate with 1" magnets. I will drill holes 2" off the bottom to mount a grate by which I will lay a charcoal basket that I am going to build out of expanded metal. I will also drill holes about 8" from the top of the drum to mount a cooking grate. Finally, I will drill 4-3/4" holes, that I will also regulate with magnets.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to help me make the most out of my build.

Also, with inside of the drum stripped to bare metal, how do I keep the inside from rusting?
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