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Default Repost with pics again...

Didn't feel like I was in the club until I got the fatty done, so had to try it.
I started with a 16 oz Jimmy Dean log and went searching in the fridge.

Some Brie, shredded Italian mix, and my filling.

Filling was some onions, green pepper, garlic and some cut-up kabanos - Polish sausage sticks. Short saute in EVOO.

All this got stuffed into my fatty piston - 9" by 1 1/2" PVC Pipe.

Rolled out the sausage on some clear wrap. Some Pam on the rolled kept it from sticking.

Pushed out the filling onto the sausage.

The clear wrap made it very easy to pick up and roll the sausage around the filling.

This one got some Smokin' Guns KC Rib Rub. Turned out to be too salty combined with the salty sausage. I'll pick a sweet/hot with less salt one for next time.

Onto the UDS. Got cherry and hickory chuncks with some Royal Oak. 250 - 275

After about 3 hours

Ready to slice after a rest

Odd thing was that I didn't like my first bite, as I didn't know what to expect. What I realized was that I didn't like the saltiness of the end piece, the rub was just too salty.

What was underneath was this layering of flavors like nothing I tried before. It was addictive. The sensation on my buds just wanted me to grab another slice. It was hard to save enough to take to work the next day to have the other two carpenters I work with to try some...
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