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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
After cooking for years n the Kreuz style because I worked there, I too had the problem if having a GREAT brisket, moist, tender (Those traits that elude so many people even at competition level) and tasty. But every once in a while you would get a yahoo that would think it was about the ring and to tell the truth my ego was tweaked. So I asked Third eye what to do about it and I did not go the TQ route but have been very satisfied with the results of the starting off slow deal. But I don't think I need the 90 minutes because I do so much bulk. I will also use sea salt if I am doing a brisket for someone I want to impress as that contibutes to the ring as well.

Anywho....I would like to know about briquettes. I stopped using them a while back in favor of all wood. I need all wood because I smoke fast I need the smoke.
And also maybe because the volume and flow of your cooker is different than what I cook on....

Remember I am cooking on 24" X 43" drums and a Large Egg. Both vertical cookers, with similar flow, but the drums have way more volume than the Egg. All conditions the same, and not using TQ I will get a better ring on brisket cooked in a drum.

Try putting just a handful of briquettes in at the beginning of your next cook. You only need them at the beginning. And yes I've heard that some sea salts have more nitrates in them than other types.

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