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Originally Posted by firecracker jack View Post
This has been one extremely interesting thread for me and I thank you much for posting it. First I was suprised that the smoke ring adds no flavor for (being pretty much a novice at smoking) I assumed the deeper the ring the deeper the flavor. And second I wish to thank you for explaining that the ring is generally formed before the temp of 140. Third thing I've just start using a large stick burner (diamondplate pit 60) and I'm trying to learn how to use it...Could you explain the the use of the briquettes and lump and the different effects they have on the smokering?.....Thank you again for a great post, and I will try using the search feature of the forum to find out more....

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The reaction of the nitrates & surface moisture with the meat over time, at lower temperatures is what allows the smoke ring to form. The source of the nitrates doesn't matter.

Because of the Internet and forums just like this one, bits and pieces of information start to form a pattern. One of these things was good looking smoke rings on stuff cooked in a WSM and several other fine cookers. At the same time some folks were griping about not getting good smoke rings in ceramic cookers, electric box smokers and even some pellet cookers. The meat was the same, the temps were the same....heck, sometimes even the same cook couldn't duplicate his or her smoke rings when they changed cookers.

It was the fuel. And to some degree the quality and type of the flavor wood they were using. For whatever the reason (binders, sawdust or whatever else goes into briquettes) briquettes produce more nitrates than lump. The first tip for box smoker users is to add 1 or 2 burning briquettes to their wood pan to get a smoke ring. I have never seen the insides of a pellet cooker but some users will somehow do something similar. I've read some posts from folks way more knowledgeable than I am that use particular brands of briquettes just for the better rings.

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