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Ok guys, If I wore a hat regularly, I would have to take it off to Bill. Saturday I cooked 35 pounds of pork loin per Bill's instructions; rub was just salt and pepper, smoker temperature at 235*, wood was pecan and apple, outside temperature in the high 20s, snowing. The Backwoods came right up to temperature and held without my touching it for over 6 hours. Cooked the loins to 165* (about 6 hours), foiled and let it go until 190*, about another hour and a half. Into a cooler for a few hours. When I opened the cooler to get the meat out to serve, there was about 2 inches of juices in the bottom. I could have taken the knives off of the tables like Bill sure didn't need a knife to cut the pork. Bill, thanks for the recipe. I'm glad I threw caution to the wind and used your recipe instead of the one I was familiar with. Serving 75, I did think about it for a while. Thanks again.
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