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Wow I can't believe I FINALLY got the Kingsford UDS together! 99% of the donor grill was used in this experiment including the bottom of the kettle. She's gonna be a pain to clean the ashes out but it will work for now till I get a different charcoal basket done. The only thing left is to come up with a gasket for the lid since I couldn't get a very tight seal. Hopefully with any luck I'll get a fire in it in the next day or so and see what she does.

If you take the lid and flatten the edge, lip out then put it onto of your UDS and hit it with a rubber hammer it will form better. I put the thing that holds the originial lid on the barrel when you get it one with the dome lid on the barrel. Get it as tight as you can. The only reason I did this is to make sure to try and get out any little bumps. It seemed it work. The only part that sucks is when your bending the lip out on the dome lid the porcelain cracks and goes flying everywhere. I did this with a weber lid this past weekend and it works out perfect. I was very surprised how easy it was.
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