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Agreed, the parsley boxes do look nice but, try to keep the parsley from underneath the samples. Judges have to spend/waste time picking off pieces of parsley that are stuck to and cover (yes cover) the bottoms of their samples. I heard several comments from judges on this problem this past weekend. There shouldn't be so much parsley stuck to the bottom of a sample that you have to wipe it off with a paper towel.
You may be taking some of the taste of the sample along with it.
I suppose its all in the pack. We pack our parsley in nice and tight. I actually watched one of my boxes being judged and saw only one little piece of green come out with the meat.

We did walk around and watch a few of our neighbors building boxes after we got done with ours on friday night. Despite seeing several teams making parlsey beds, we didn't find anyone making what I'd recognize as a "putting green" compared to the pics posted here. Seemed like a lot of careless thrown in parsley on top of some random lettuce leaves.
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