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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
I know a few food bloggers and this is a huge problem for them. Anyone that shoots good photos should beware. In this case, the person that posted them came forward, but, I have a friend that has been chasing a person for over a year, has gotten ZERO help from the guys ISP and is finding his images used and sold for other peoples profits. It is a bummer as many of you guys post great photo's, I enjoy the pron here, Rick's efforts are pretty fine stock work if you ask me.
Yes, people pirating other people's work has been a problem as long as their has been publishing. Thousands of years...

In this case it wasn't pirating. It was a misguided attempt to do a good thing. I've always found it to be a good policy to look at someone's "intent" before I got offended at something. From what's been presented here it doesn't look like malicious intent or someone wanting to steal someone else's work. Just someone trying to do something nice.

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