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Originally Posted by OC PIG ASSASSINS View Post
We did Nj state BBQ championship this weekend and basically went no garnish in our brisket box. We pt parsley down, but filled the box and you could not see it when the meat was placed in. We got 8th out of 62 and our presentation scores were 788799. I am still trying to get the balls to go no garnish.

I completely understand where you are coming from. As a judge, I honestly don't look at garnish at all when judging. People will say they don't , but they do. We had a DQ recently because one team didn't understand the rules. Per new KCBS rules, I judged the box anyway for the meat and it looked pretty good. Even with the DQ. You go out to eat in a nice place and they serve all their food on white plates. Food looks infinetly better on a white surface than on a green or dark one. If they could find a way to use something other than styrofoam, I think the field would be alot more level.
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