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Originally Posted by jonboy View Post
What was the cooking time for the briskets? Or did you use feel and temp?
Yes, feel... I don't remember I banked them that time and put on another 20 or so.

Baking is where you spred them out like I did in the video then when they hit the stall or a little later I will take them and PILE them with the fat on all the outer edges in a more gentle area of the pit. The pit can stretch out 30 on say the top and bottom racks without being too crowded and briskets being in too hot of an area.

So I needed a total of maybe 55 Briskets that event.

Now right around the stall I pull the briskets and I like to collect the juices early so I have this HUGE maybe 42Inch by 24 inch pan I pack them in that has a spigot on it so I can drain the juice later without moving the meat.

Anyway as I pull them I inspect the fat (cuz they have been laying on it) and the thicker fat caps go on the bottom layer to continue rendering, the ones that are cooked the most go in the middle fat down, (which continues to moistly cook the up turned flat of the lower row) and the other that are still in need of rendering go on top fat UP. I then pack the pit with another 20 or so to smoke for a few hours till stall again.

One other thing i Do is at this point if I am rushed for time or need protection I will soak huge wads of Butcher Paper in Water and drape and mold and form the paper over the stacks of meat from the first batch as if trying to seal them in like paper meschae.

If I open I will stab (maybe a 12 inch thick pile of briskets with my long prober right through the stack and see if they are still cooking right) This way I do not have to move them around to find out if they are done.

I bank these in a cool spot of the pit though. Usually the 260-70 degree area.

In 4 -5 hours the second batch is ready to Bank and the first set is ready for my big holding oven in the Church...the second batch usually cooks and goes in ice chests and is the last we use.
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