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Originally Posted by spaz815 View Post
So I did my first Butt this weekend. It turned out pretty good. Along with that I did some Babt Back ribs. They turned out great too. I did get the 18 1/5 Weber lid to work. It worked out great. The question I have is... With the Weber lid does it get hotter than the flat lid that came with the drum. I know a lof of you when cooking you have most of your holes on your lids and UDS opened up the whole way most of the cook. But with the Weber lid on I have to have them all shut a little more than half way. I have 2 holes on the bottom and just the Weber air holes on the lid. My question is does the lid make a difference. It seemed like it ran hotter with the Weber lid. Over 300 with all the vents opened. But with the air holes set it ran about 250 but really couldn't get to go lower and it stay at a steady temp. I was also wondering what to do to get it to run a bit cooler. Should I add more holes or whatever? I forgot to mention its a 30 gal UDS. Also forgot that I held 250 for about 14 hours and at 24 hours it was still at 180 or a little more. At about 19 hours it was at 215 or so. Thanks again to everyone that has gave me great advice!!!!!!!!! I now can not stop BBQing. LOL!!!
People have noted temp hotter near vent wheel. How big of a fire basket do you have? With a smaller drum you might need a smaller diameter basket to limit fire and reduce heat. Swamprb has a couple of threads on his smaller drum.
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