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somebody shut me the fark up.
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My name is Bill, Mike.

*Note, I just re-edited this post like 3 times, so it might not flow correctly. Damn, too much drinky wink last night **

Mike, are we talking a pork loin or tenderloin?

Pork Loin, the roast that is sold in 4# cryovacs, or 8#'s at Costco or tenderloin? I do the tenderloin to 150 just like you, takes about an hour and a half.

So try this method with a pork loin and see if it is some of the moistest (sp) pork you've have (any B2 guys want to attest)

Pork Loin.
Smoke at 220 - 240 until 165* (about 3 or 4 hours) then wrap and conitinue cooking to 190* (another hour or so), then cooler it for about 2-3 hours (will come back to around 155 or so). Be EXTREMELY careful unwrapping, cuz the juice will be spilling out and very hot. Slice. Put knives on the table as a joke. Watch as the people can't get over how soft the loin is.

I never have done a smoke session, without doing at least 1 loin. its like 1.49-1.89 a pound depending on sales.

Damn, now I'm hungry.

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