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Originally Posted by Greg60525 View Post
Great video! The amount of rub is amazing. Any sugar used at all?

No... the final rub, is large grained stuff of mostly salt and pepper.

Years ago, when I was goofing round with the process, I cannot tell you how much I never really trusted myself.

Sometimes I would think it was too much and spray the whole batch with a water hose thereby knocking it lots of it off,

Sometimes I would flip it a lot to knck it off. Or baste it, mop it.

worst mistake is to foil it thereby catching too much of the drippings and making it all too salty.

Also, mot trusting your instincts and inadvertenly taking off a chunk or letting someone from your team that has no idea about the process take a chunk too soon.... it will be too salty, and REAL peppery and will make you want to do the things above to lower the solution of the meat.


leave it alone and it all balances out, mellows out because the outer edges either drip off (the salt literally slowly disSAPPEARS INTO THE MEAT) or get drawn in to the meat over the smoke time.... which of course is less due to the hot and fast theme.

Also, as the video says... do NOT leave the final rub on the meat... EVER. This is a rub and drop on the pit.
I Did once have to tone it down slightly for an elderly crowd and simply dumped it like normal but rubbed the rub in more than I did on the video.
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