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If it's what you love....then do it.
But; before you spend any to the Health Department and
find out exactly what the laws are. Some places require your grill to be
made out of Stainless Steel.
I have heard that for example, the laws about selling food on the streets in
Florida are very strict some people get around the law by only selling
on weekends when the Health Department is closed.

If you want to sell at places like the State Fair or Rodeos and other events
keep in mind that for some of them you will need to reserve a space at
the event, Months, or even a Year in advance.

When you look for a smoking rig...keep in mind you will probably need to
make sure it has storage for plenty of wood, and coolers for your potato
salad and coleslaw and what ever soda and drinks you will be selling.
Plus, you will need to have space to keep hot dog & hamburger buns.
And other stuff as well. Or you can get some kind of support truck, like
a lage van or something to pull your rig and keep your buns, and drinks,
and other supplies in. Doing it out of a car or pickup truck doesn't work
very well; unless you only cater small events.

I did a coulple of events at a large church where other people were selling
pizza, and turkey legs and other items. I had some experience before, so
I was well stocked with "sterno canned heat" and sold some to
other people that weren't prepared.
Also, make sure you have LOTS of change; by this I mean
$1 dollar & $5 dollar bills. Most people will pay you with a $20 dollar bill,
you will also get people paying with $100 dollar bills.

I also found it was much faster and easier to make all my prices to the
whole dollar price....$8 or $4 or whatever, trying to get 15 cents in change
for somebody was crazy, and really slowed things down. Sell cans of
soda for $1 ....and check on your competition...if they are selling soda
for $2, you can too.

Have a good option for your customers...I think I sold my Rib dinner
(3 pork ribs & beans and potato salad) for $8....the same for Beef
Brisket sandwich. But; I had a 1/4 lb. Polish Sausage for $4 too.
I sold a lot of them. You should be able to buy a case of them pretty
cheap at Sam's Club.
One last thing...I learned real fast to open all the packages of Hot Dog
buns and separate all of them...because if you get busy, you wont have
time to open a package of buns and reach in and pull one off. That eats
up much more time than you think it does.

There's more...but; that's enough for now.
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