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Go for the Butt and the chickens. Most forgiving for great results.

Figure the butt for 75minutes/lb. Put slits in it and push some garlic cloves into the slits. Rub it with whatever you want. Let us know if ya want some rub ideas. I have also used TK's Dr. pepper marinade on butts and that was awesome.(the dog like the marinade so much he wore it on his head for a day).

Gook the butts at 225-250. When it gets 2 175, foil it with some apple juice. Return it and bring it ot 195. Take it out and cooler it, or put it in a warm oven(120-140) for anothe hours or 2 or 3.

While thats happening, saute 4-5 onions till almost clear. Add some worsey sauce, cider vinegar, cayenne pepper and a touch of nutmeg to the onions. Put them in a foil dish and put them in the bandera while stuff cooking for a few hours. Add beer as they reduce and the liquid soaks in.

When the butts done, shread it, add it to the onions, mix together and if you can hold out, put the whole tray in the bandera, covered loose with a foil tent. Add some salt & cider vinegar to taste when your ready.

Chickens, about 3 hours, they are hard to wreck . I just rub then with some granulated onion and garlic.. add some herbs to the inside and go. Use the handshake test. When you can shake a leg and it feels like it'll just pull of.. its done.
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