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Default Quick help please! ...1st Brisket Question

I put a 15lb packer on at about 1230am. Now at 11, it is really close to being done, but we arent eating until 5~6. I have kept my pit temp right about 240~250 and it cooked a bit faster than I thought it would.

It has about 30min-1hr left to go on the smoker and I am going to need to foil and throw it in the cooler. I have 2 questions. I am planning on making burnt ends with the point and reserve a little to throw into some beans. Do I seperate the flat and point before foiling and putting in the cooler?

Also, When I foil, should I spray the brisket with anything (applejuice/vinegar mix?) before wrapping it and throwing it in the cooler?



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