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Exclamation Popdaddy Breaks Silence on Dirty Dalmatian (new Video)

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Press Release from GV Studios, Funkytown USA

June 10, 2009 Associated Funkmasters Of 'Merica (FOM) Press
Mark Urgent - From Funkmaster South

Today the Fabulous Popdaddy has called Pitmaster "T" on the bag phone (the one found at Good Will in 2002 which never has a problem running out of battery power in regards to hearing from Popdaddy) from his Stretch Delorean Somewhere near Palmer Ave in Texas City, and has authorized to release one of several full production videos From his Vault.

Videos up for release are...

Bigmista and Pitmaster "T" Chili Sauce 4 - "Never get Married" - With Neil Bigmista Strawler (Funkmaster West) starring as the Father of Popdaddy

Chili Sauce 5 - "That Ain't Lake Minnetonka" starring Pitmaster "T" in all roles.

Dirty Dalmatian Rub for Hot and Fast Q - Lessons in Juciicittessenessesarianisms

Tony Montanta teaches the Weeping Hot and Fast Spare Ribs technique.
"This all there is Mainge? Eating, drinking, farking, sarking????"

The Winner is Lessons in Juicicitytesninesses.

Release within Minutes.

This will be a a dual release on the Popdaddys BBQ Channel as well as the Christian Minnie Howell Good Vittles and Wood Cookery Society channel.

This release concerns his age old Bovine Dirty Dalmatian Final Rub and its role in Hot and Fast Brisket.

This is a Grimmacing Vulva Studios release
Popdaddy is Dead - 1933-2011 - Pitmaster T is a free agent

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