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Originally Posted by Phubar View Post
That's one of the reasons why I kept reading this thread.
If you find the post regarding if and how a redneck would build it, you could skip over this extremely long 240+ reading as you're not missing a whole lot of anything above and beyond the KISS principle behind the UDS build assuming you're past the cleaning/burn stage.

1. Drill Intake holes at either 3/4 or 1 inch in size, use either capped nipple valves/ball valve or magnets to control airflow
2. Construct charcoal basket with at least 3 inches clearance below for airflow
3. install cooking grate at least 24 inches above charcoal pan/plate/basket (leaves about 6-8 inches of space if using the flat lid and 2 inch bung as exhaust port)
4. Install thermometer at or just slightly above or below cook grate level
5. Add 6 inch tall by 2 inch ID pipe to flat lid bung for exhaust

Get the concept build down first and cook with it a few times to see how it runs then either modify it or build another using the first as your template then modify. Don't need to read 240+ pages to learn how to do 6 things that take probably less than an hour to do. Don't mean this to sound rude or anything, but after the first 160 pages, several thread hijacks and off track what nots, you pretty much have about all the information you need, everything else is someone's else's custom mod/enhancement unless you just enjoy the reading.
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