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Found some matches.
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Default recipes?

Still looking around on what type of drum I want to go with.

My question is this:

Right now I have a small propane with water pan vertical smoker. I have never had to flip the meat for brisket, ribs and butts for pulled pork. I have seen a few posts that mention flipping the meat. Could you post what you have had to do to the meat during cooking? Ie if I am doing some butts I have always heard to keep the fat cap on top so that it sort of bastes the meat as it cooks and ribs I always put bone side down. How will this need to change once I build a uds?

Also I was thinking instead of having a huge modification for a water pan thats integrated into the charcoal box and one that is easily changed I was going to add another grate just above where the coal basket ends and then if I want water I can put disposable tin foil baking dishes on top and fill them with water. If nothing else I could experiment (the engineer in me) with different size/configuration of water pans such that I diffuse the heat and smoke from being just in the center with a small water pan or along the perimeter etc. Anyone tried this?

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