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Default Bark and Smoke Ring Challenges - Need help from Ceramic Cooks!

Cooking on a Primo Oval XL with RO lump with hickoru chunks - I have been having a tough time getting a nice bark on my brisket in the Primo. As well, my smoke rings have been almost non existant. I realize the SR does not affect taste at all, but I like the appearance and have never had an issue before. The Primo seems to be such a moist cooker, that my bark seems to be does not get set up like I like it. This has been with my own rubs (which I thought was the issue), and with commercial rubs. Same thing with my SR - thought it was my rub, but I cooked one today with some Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express and it was almost non existant. I never foil my briskets (until done..once they are at temp I foil them after I take them off the cooker). I have tried fast cooks and slow cooks with not much difference. I really expected the DP rub to get me a nice bark today with a good smoke ring, but that did not happen either (and I know it is not the rub, because DP is a very successful rub). I have tried cooking with d plates with pans under (no liquid), and with d plates with water in the pans. Same thing...too moist and bark is not what I am looking for. I need to get a CyberQ - maybe that will help with more airflow through the cooker and maybe help my bark setup? My next attempt at a good SR is going to be to add about 10 Kingsford briquettes, as they always gave me incredible SR's on my Stumps...

So, what are your secrets for great bark and SR on brisket? (my bark on butts and ribs is good, SR is slightly better, but still not what I am looking for)

Here is an attempt at a fast and hot cook with a 8lb brisket flat (tender, moist, good flavor), but the smoke ring was almost non existant and the bark was not as good as I would have liked...and this was cooked at about 325 degrees (and the bark was still a bit mushy)....

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