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Originally Posted by Greg60525 View Post
Thanks for the tips or did you just spill your secrets! When I saw the 13-16 lb packer I was immediately thinking, how long is that cook going to be! Until I saw your only 6 hours!

Do you get that competition pull test tenderness?
I'm not really a secret-keeping kinda guy, but what I listed doesn't really contain any "secrets". I've even posted the base of my competition mild (sweet) rub.

It may sound kinda corny, but I've learned a lot online, so I try to give back a little where I can. In fact, that is part of what my blog is about.

As for the brisket, yes, I get competition quality. Hot and fast cooking isn't anything new. Myron Mixon does it all the time. He calls it "power cookin". You can hear Myron describe his incredibly fast competition timeline here (start at 26:15 -- the topic at hand starts at 29:45).

Glad to help,
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