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Here is what I do, and it's working for me.

  • Brine 6 hours (light - 3/4 cup Kosher salt to 1/2 cup dark brown sugar, and 1/4 cup rub, per gallon)
  • Drain, but leave wet
  • Dust all sides with sweet rub as you put them on the cooker
  • Cook indirect to 175*
  • Glaze with two coats of sauce during the last 20 minutes on the cooker (I start at about 165* internal)
  • Sauce again just as they are coming off.
  • St. Louis, skinned, of course
  • Dust with a moderate sweet rub on all sides
  • 2 1/2 hours on the cooker bare
  • 1 1/2 hour foiled with butter, brown sugar and honey (yes, that sweet)
  • Glaze just before they are cut and in the box
  • Untrimmed and injected with apple juice and a little rub, dissolved over heat and cooled
  • Thin plain mustard slather, then a heavy coat of sweet rub on all sides
  • Bag and let marinate 6-8 hours
  • Cook over 2/3 cherry and 1/3 hickory to 195*
  • Double-wrap with HD foil, wrap in two towels, and rest at least one hour
  • Pull to thumb-sized pieces and dust with a tiny bit of rub
  • Sauce (warmed) the pieces lightly and into the box
  • 13-16 lb packer, trimmed, prepped, and cooked as you see on my blog
As for garnish, I use putting greens for everything.

I hope this helps,
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