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Originally Posted by Double D's BBQ View Post
Dave's Insanity Sauce instantly comes to mind if you want to get their attention although I wouldn't recommend it. (just joking, please don't do this!)
Either, they would be looking for a new panel of judges or that panel has just been recalibrated!

Originally Posted by Ford View Post
Good advice from Dallas if you're in the ballaprk and getting some calls now. Otherwise you may need a bigger change. Lots of people use Guns Hot and usually it's in combination with other rubs. Best advice I can give is take the Old School High Tech class and you'll have the answers.

But here's a tip - when your wife says there's too much salt you're about half way to salting. And the same goes for a lot of other spices both hot and sweet. Brown sugar and honey are your friends. It takes a little time to find the blend that works but think over the top. Think my wife won't eat these for sure and I'd never serve it to friends. And I do give it to neighbors and they think it's fantastic but then one person never eats a 1/2 slab of ribs.

Consider going to a couple of contests as a spectator and asking some top teams if there's any way you can sample their food. Be honest about wanting to improve your skills and they should say yes. If you get to a Michigan contest this year look me up during turn-in.
No calls yet..........only 3 comps under my belt. Westmont last year and this year and Libertyville last year. Probably won't make it up to Michigan for one, but thanks for the offer. If I do get up there I'll take you up on it.

Originally Posted by BRBBQ View Post
Can you tell us how your scores have been?
First comp: dead last overall and dead last brisket. I screwed up big time.

Here's my last comp's (Westmont 2009) scores (34th overall):

- Chicken: 150.2858 (30th place)
Appearance Taste Tenderness
888878 768887 787886

- Ribs: 152.5712 (23rd place)
Appearance Taste Tenderness
977797 786976 886978

- Pork: 148.5714 (32nd place)
Appearance Taste Tenderness
778678 678967 767988

- Brisket: 147.4284 (30th place)
Appearance Taste Tenderness
889988 786696 786696

There is a wide range in every category, except chicken.

Thanks for everyone's advice and comments,
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