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Dave's Insanity Sauce instantly comes to mind if you want to get their attention although I wouldn't recommend it. (just joking, please don't do this!)

Seriously though a little last minute rub additions to the meat, salt and pepper whatever it takes. Make sure you taste the meat yourself and season for 1-2 bites until you like it. If you have the luxury get 2 or three other teammates/friends opinion as well. In the end no one ingredient should stand out. Concentrate more on cooking the meat properly and you'll do well. Make small adjustments at each contests rather than making large changes. You've got to please six judges not one so you need to aim for a middle of the road flavor profile. Sometime the team that makes the least offensive BBQ does best. Not too hot, not to sweet. If you have to err on one end of the spectrum, err on the sweet side.
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