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Default Advice on Punching Up flavor to Get Judge's Attention?

As the judge takes 1 or 2 bites, what are some techniques to make the meat standout?

For example, I really like my brisket rub, but have recently tried Smokin' Guns Hot and liked that better. I've only used my rub in contests so far, but will probably try Smokin Guns, unless I find something better. That being said, I don't think that it's so much better or different that it's going to really knock someone over.

Is the difference really in the rub, injection or the sauce or do you have to resort to extreme measures and make the meat taste like something it's not? Are the judges looking for over-the-top sweet or salty or something that get's their attention..........hopefully, in a good way!
I've tried a lot of different sauces and for the most part they have the same basic flavor. Some more smoky, some have more sweet, etc., but for the most part they are all variants of one another............Blues Hog does standout to me as being very different. Too me, most of these sauces aren't real attention getters.

I'm not asking for your secrets, just some general tips or directions.

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