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Originally Posted by bbq lover View Post
I would say by reading your post if you pulled and foiled right from smoker there is a problem it keeps cooking when you foil next time let it rest to maybe 160 or so then foil this time will have stopped the cooking prossess and now its just foiled to keep temp .. just my to cents hope that helps
That's exactly what I did..........right from the pit, into foil and into a preheated cooler. Three briskets, each wrapped in foil and then a towel and all 3 placed into the large heat mass.

Originally Posted by bbqbull View Post
Next time you pull a brisket and foil it, try adding a half cup of beef broth inside the foil.
Do you know what grade brisket was by chance?

I always buy choice, select grade briskets dont have quite as good of marbling.
Ive had choice grade briskets turn out dry before as well.
Choice from Sam's club. Three small flats..... ~ 6.5 pounds each.

Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
i never bring a brisket to 200.. if its still tight at 188-190+, I pull it, foil it tight and cooler it.. let it rest a few hours until its tender. IMO, cooking to 200 will start to dry it out.
OK, this could be part of the problem. I've done this before, but could not get that competition tenderness........good for sandwiches, but would fail the "pull test". I've been cooking at a target grate temp of 250, swinging between 240 and 260. I throw it on at ~ 350 when the temp is falling from it's initial preheat stage.
Is it possible that I need to cook longer at a lower temperature to avoid drying out?

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