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Originally Posted by bbqbull View Post
When your brisket hits 190, slide a probe into the side of it. If it goes in like butter its done.
If you feel resistance, let it go to 200 degrees and give it the poke test again before pulling off the fire.
The probe must go in very easily, then you know its done.

When I checked it the internal was 200, but the probe had resistance. The next time I checked it the temp was 207 (about 2.5 hours later) and the probe went in like butter. Pulled it off the pit, foiled it and held in the cooler for about an hour or so.........had to take it to my sister's house. The brisket was very tender and tasty, but it was not juicy. I would'nt say it was dry, but it did lack any extra juice. I probably should have checked it more often, but I hate opening the pit. I was using a multi channel digital T/C (Fluke), so I don't have to open the pit to check the temp.
Do you think if I took it off earlier I would have a juicer brisket?

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