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Default Question About Brisket Stall Temperature

I always hear that the stall temperature is around 160F.

My question is does the stall temperature depend on the cook temperature?

Lets assume you are cooking at grate temp of 225F, a popular temp. You hit the stall temp and it stays there for a few hours and then rises after that.

If you cook at a lower temp, say 210F, is the stall temp still 160F or does it occur at a lower temperature?

I you cook at a higher temp, say 300F, is the stall temp still 160F or does it occur at a higher temperature? I've heard of people saying that you will blow through the stall temp and not sit in that sweet spot where the collagen is breaking down. I would think that you would hit some other temperature, maybe close to the final temp and the collagen would continue to break down.

What's the science behind this?

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