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Default First hot & fast brisket (pron)

This was my first shot at a hot and fast brisket. Started with a 14 pound packer angus select from RD.

Had to try my new Skipjack injector so I used a home made beef injection. This is the coolest injector in the world.

Rubed down with salt, pepper, garlic powder and chilli powder.

Let it rest for a few hours and then dusted with Bovine Bold and some more salt and pepper before hitting the drum. Used all RO lump with four cherry chunks and one hickory chunk.

Ran the drum wide open at about 350 and in 2.5 hours it was at 165 so I wrapped in paper. Wanted a better bark set up but I was on a hot and fast mission.

Two hours later it's like butter with the probe and internal was at 200. Into the cooler for a rest.

Ok so by this time I am completely hammered so I didn't end up cutting across the grain. I can tell you this was FARKING FANTASTIC! This was the best textured, most moist, best tasting brisket I have made so far and total cook time was 4.5 hours plus 2 hours in the cooler.

Next time I will leave off the Bovine Bold and chilli powder as it added a bit more spice than I wanted. I'll stick with just the salt & pepper. I need to work on getting the bark to set up. I did like using the butcher paper but it did make a mess in the cooler. All in all very happy with the result. Can't ever see doing a 16 hour brisket again. Oh and a few less beers will help too.

Happy 4th of July to all.
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