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Originally Posted by smoovdowt View Post
I don't see why people get upset with people wanting to build a better mouse trap? If KISS was the only way anyone ever did anything, what would we have to show for it? Personally I enjoy trying to tinker and come up with something cool and new - for me its not about the end product but the pursuit and the enjoyment of coming up with something different!

It all depends on your goals... are you cooking meat or are you making smokers? If your goal is to make meat with predictible and repeatable results... Id say KISS. If you want to fiddle with things... go for it. There is nothing wrong with trying to make a better mouse-trap. a cooler looking one or one that works different.

My main reason for the UDS was to be able to make good consistent grub with minimal "hands-on" adjustments and I think with a KISS-UDS I have exactly what I want.
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