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Originally Posted by spaz815 View Post
The only reason I want to use the Alum pot as a top is to have more room to cook. I will still use the flat lid but when cooking for a big family like mine I have to have more room. So another question, If I would like to Q A whole chicken,babyback ribs, and a butt. How should I Q these. Should I put them all on at once or put on the longest to cook and waiting to put the rest on. The main question is should these all cook at aroud the same temp. The 200 to 250 temp right?
Butt on, ribs after 4 hours, shoot for 200 on side gauge (230ish center grate) foil butt after 3 more, foil ribs if thats how you roll, chicken on, watch butt temp, pull and cooler. Ribs out of foil or out at 4-4.5 hours(doneness decides), cooler. Temp will rise while screwing with ribs, let it ride, end up with drum temp at 325ish on side gauge for better skin. Chicken should be done in less than 2 hours(probably like 1.5).
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